What is A.I.M.S.?

The Association of Irish Musical Societies (AIMS) provides a voice to musical theatre in Ireland. Over 130 musical societies, throughout the whole of Ireland, are members of AIMS – this relates to around 14,000 people directly involved with musical theatre and an audience base of around 1.2 million.

AIMS provides many services to its members, ranging from help and advice in choosing shows, resolving any difficulties that they may face, running various workshops on all aspects of theatre, through to an adjudication and awards scheme that is constantly pushing forward the standards of musical theatre.

The Adjudication & Awards Scheme is one of the most popular AIMS activities. The scheme is designed to constantly raise standards and push forward musical theatre in Ireland. With many analogies to the Oscars, the scheme rewards outstanding talent in different categories. Under this scheme, an adjudicator attends each participating show and provides a written critique. At the end of each musical season in May, the adjudicator then draws up nominations for the awards based on the shows they have seen.

In true Oscar fashion, the nominations cover all aspect of a performance, from Best Actor and Actress to Best Stage Management, Best Director to Best Overall Show etc., The nominations are then announced at a gala ceremony. The AIMS Awards Weekend is celebrated annually in June.

The highlight of this weekend is the announcement of the award winners in the Adjudication & Awards Scheme. The Awards Weekend is attended by almost 1000 people and is the largest event of its kind held in Ireland. It brings together people who have a common love of musical theatre and provides a great social opportunity for members from different societies to come together.