Die Feldermaus Prog Cover

Die Fledermaus

Mon 5th May 1980 to Sun 11th May 1980

Friary Hall
The Merry Widow Prog Cover

The Merry Widow

Mon 2nd Apr 1979 to Sun 8th Apr 1979

Friary Hall
The Gypsy Princess Prog Cover

The Gypsy Princess

Mon 1st May 1978 to Sun 7th May 1978

Friary Hall
Waltzes from Vienna Prog Cover

Waltzes from Vienna

Mon 9th May 1977 to Sun 15th May 1977

Friary Hall
The Arcadians Prog Cover

The Arcadians

Mon 10th May 1976 to Sun 16th May 1976

Friary Hall
 The Desert Song Prog Cove

The Desert Song

Wed 1st Jan 1975 to Wed 31st Dec 1975

Friary Hall
The Gipsy Baron

The Gipsy Baron

Tue 1st Jan 1974 to Tue 31st Dec 1974

Friary Hall