Show Boat Prog Cover

Show Boat

Mon 14th May 1990 to Sun 20th May 1990

Friary Hall
Guys & Dolls Prog Cover

Guys and Dolls

Mon 1st May 1989 to Sun 7th May 1989

Friary Hall
Calamity Jane Prog Cover

Calamity Jane

Mon 2nd May 1988 to Sun 8th May 1988

Friary Hall
The Desert Song Prog Cover

The Desert Song

Mon 4th May 1987 to Sun 10th May 1987

Friary Hall
The Pirates of Penzance Prog Cover

The Pirates of Penzance

Mon 28th Apr 1986 to Sun 4th May 1986

Friary Hall
Fiddler on the Roof Prog Cove

Fiddler on the Roof

Mon 29th Apr 1985 to Sun 5th May 1985

Friary Hall
South Pacific Prog Cover

South Pacific

Mon 14th May 1984 to Sun 20th May 1984

Friary Hall
The White Horse Inn Prog Cover

The White Horse Inn

Mon 2nd May 1983 to Sun 8th May 1983

Friary Hall
The Student Prince Prog Cover

The Student Prince

Mon 3rd May 1982 to Sun 9th May 1982

Friary Hall
The Maid of the Mountains Prog Cover

The Maid of the Mountains

Mon 11th May 1981 to Sun 17th May 1981

Friary Hall