Carousel Prog Cover


Sat 6th May 2000 to Sat 13th May 2000

Watergate Theatre
Fiddler on the Roof Prog Cover

Fiddler on the Roof

Sat 17th Apr 1999 to Sat 24th Apr 1999

Watergate Theatre
Me and my Girl Prog Cover

Me and My Girl

Sat 18th Apr 1998 to Sat 25th Apr 1998

Watergate Theatre
Oliver Prog Cover


Thu 3rd Apr 1997 to Sat 12th Apr 1997

Watergate Theatre
The Mikado Prog Cover

The Mikado

Mon 6th May 1996 to Sun 12th May 1996

Watergate Theatre
 My Fair Lady Prog Cover

My Fair Lady

Mon 1st May 1995 to Sun 7th May 1995

Watergate Theatre
Brigadoon Prog Cover


Mon 2nd May 1994 to Sun 8th May 1994

Watergate Theatre
The Pirates of Penzance Prog Cover

The New Pirates of Penzance

Mon 3rd May 1993 to Sun 9th May 1993

Watergate Theatre
The Merry Widow Prog Cover

The Merry Widow

Mon 4th May 1992 to Sun 10th May 1992

Friary Hall
Oklahoma Prog Cover


Mon 22nd Apr 1991 to Sun 28th Apr 1991

Friary Hall