Oliver Programme Cover


Sun 4th Apr 2010 to Sat 10th Apr 2010

Watergate Theatre
Fiddler on the Roof - 2009 Prog Cover

Fiddler on the Roof

Sun 12th Apr 2009 to Sat 18th Apr 2009

Watergate Theatre
2008 - Oklahoma Prog Cover


Sun 23rd Mar 2008 to Sat 29th Mar 2008

Watergate Theatre
2007 - The Best of Broadway Prog Cover

The Best of Broadway

Tue 10th Apr 2007 to Sat 14th Apr 2007

Watergate Theatre
2006 - My Fair Lady Prog Cover

My Fair Lady

Sun 26th Mar 2006 to Sat 1st Apr 2006

Watergate Theatre
2005 - The Hot Mikado Prog Cover

The Hot Mikado

Sun 27th Mar 2005 to Sat 2nd Apr 2005

Watergate Theatre
Jesus Christ Superstar Prog Cove

Jesus Christ Superstar

Sun 11th Apr 2004 to Sat 17th Apr 2004

Watergate Theatre
Man of Lamancha Prog Cover

Man of La Mancha

Sun 20th Apr 2003 to Sat 26th Apr 2003

Watergate Theatre
South Pacific Prog Cover

South Pacific

Sun 14th Apr 2002 to Sat 20th Apr 2002

Watergate Theatre
God Bless Archie Dean Prog Cover

God Bless Archie Dean

Sun 15th Apr 2001 to Sat 21st Apr 2001

Watergate Theatre