New Improved Website

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Welcome to our new improved KMS website!  We hope that this will become a place that you will visit often for news, information and all things KMS-related.Please check back here regularly for any announcements, news, and information on all KMS events throughout the year - the website will be updated as regularly as possible, and we will also be continuing to update our Facebook page with any news.We are still in the process of sourcing and uploading content, and are always looking for new content, so if you have any KMS photos, information or stories you would like to share, please email them on, or contact one of the committee. In particular, we are in the process of converting all our programmes to PDF format, which can be viewed online.  These will be found on each show page, the full list of which is available here.You can also help out by reporting any problems or technical glitches with the website. You can do this through our contact form, or by emailing: surfing!