March 2017

Trialed by Law or by Land: Leo Frank and Kilkenny Musical Society’s 2017 production of PARADE

by Kevina Hayes

In just 3 weeks time, Kilkenny Musical Society take to the stage with their highly anticipated 2017 production: Parade. The epic score, reminiscent of the rousing choruses of their award winning production of Michael Collins A Musical Drama in 2014, is but a melodic vehicle for the captivating and true life story of Mr Leo Frank, played by award winning local performer Michael Hayes, at the epicenter of this amazing musical.


In case you missed it - listen below to John Masterson chat with Christine Scarry and Kevina Hayes all about our next production Parade, opening in the Watergate Theatre in less than three weeks!

History tells us his fate… now relive his journey

Some stories are so great, so epic in their impact and poignancy that they stretch through the annals of time. The case of Leo Frank is one such story. Was he a monster, capable of killing a child and deserving of his fate, or an innocent man who became the scapegoat for a society overflowing with resentment towards rich, Jewish factory owners, a public outcry over the exploitation of child workers and a ruthless, unmerciful media culture? This tragically captivating story is at the heart of the musical, “Parade”, Kilkenny Musical Society’s show choice for 2017.